The Sudan Fund

South Sudan is a brand new country, presenting some unprecedented opportunities for the gospel. Thousands of people are immigrating from neighboring Ethiopia, Kenya and from the mountains in the north. These people come in search of a new life, hoping to find work and a future in the new capital city, Juba. They find themselves disconnected from their former way of life, separated from family, unable to continue in their former religious habits. As a result, they are very open to the good news about Jesus Christ. Many times, there immediate response even before they fully understand is "How can I know a God like this? What do I have to do to become his child like you say? I want to serve a God like that."

A sister ministry of Remember is building a compound for a church, English classes, and possibly vocational training. Remember is partnering with this ministry in order to establish a “safe house” for refugees from places like Northern Sudan and as a base of operations for future Remember ministries.

One of our Remember board members has designed and planned the facilities and a team from Remember will undertake construction in January of 2014. Although God has provided the needed funds for the basic structure, we would appreciate help to support the team members who are working on the construction team as well as to furnish and upfit the safe house.

The Sudan ministry is not just a future goal, however. On the survey trip, we met three widows, all of whom had lost their breadwinners due to persecution. Each of these widows shared a similar story, one of heartache, long hours of work to feed and clothe their children, and the desire to raise their children in faith in Jesus Christ. These are the people Remember is passionate about caring for, and we are doing just that. Each of these three widows, Nadia, Sadia, and Magdalena, is receiving a monthly stipend from Remember to help provide for their daily needs.

Your gift will help not only with the Remember ministry and training of new local pastors, but also with plans to begin a vocational school which can help young believers receive the skills they need to be able to support their families. To donate, please click this link. Please designate your gift "Sudan Fund."

Thank you for partnering with us in the calling of the Body of Christ.