REMEMBER Around The World

Remember Liberia

Please pray:

  • Pray for protection and boldness for Muslim converts to Christianity.
  • Pray for strength and endurance for missionaries who are ministering to the many needs of the Liberian people.
  • Pray that Christians in Liberia will remain steadfast and faithful.

Liberia is a country in Western Africa roughly the size of Ohio, with four million people who call it home. This small African country has enjoyed anything but peace throughout its existence. It was formed in the early 1800's by freed slaves from America who were returning to their native Africa. These freed slaves proceeded to set themselves up as the ruling class. In 1980, the indigenous people overthrew the government, and a full scale civil war broke out. Tribe fought against tribe. Rebel forces destroyed entire villages. The citizens were raped, murdered, tortured and mutilated. It wasn't until 2005 that the country became more stable.

Religion in Liberia is diverse. Witchcraft is part of life in Liberia. Humans are sacrificed. Cannibalism is practiced. Forty percent of Liberians exclusively practices traditional indigenous religious beliefs. Another forty percent are Christian or a mix of Christian and indigenous religious beliefs. An estimated twenty percent of the population is Muslim. It's from this Muslim population that persecution of Christians arise. When a Muslim converts to Christianity, he or she faces imminent persecution from family members.

Here are some of their stories:

  • Forty-nine year old Nathaniel spent three months in the hospital after his uncle attempted to poison his food after he shared his faith with his relatives and friends.
  • As a teenager, Rick was forced to leave his parents' house after his parents discovered he was a Christian.
  • When her family discovered her new Christian beliefs, all of Mary's belongings were removed from the house and burned. She left with only the clothes on her back.
  • David's wife left him to go back to her family after she discovered he had become a Christian. When he went looking for her, her family began throwing stones at him, resulting in a deep gash to his head. His wife said she will not come back as long as he remains a Christian.
  • After accepting Christ as her Savior, Lori's husband beat her and sent her away naked. She went to her family's house, but they too sent her away.