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Remember Iraq

Long a hotbed of violence and persecution, the religious violence in Iraq has only grown in recent months. Christians are leaving the country by the hundreds, practically exiled by the militant Islam that threatens their peace, stability, and even their lives.

Many of these believers flee because the mosques have "spilled their blood," meaning that any Muslim who should find the Christian has the permission of the mosque to kill them. Many of those that do not leave soon enough are caught, tortured, and then ransomed or killed.

Those that have fled the violence before being caught often have no place to go. The surrounding countries that are willing to take them in, such as Syria and Jordan, often impose significant restriction on the ability of these refugees to obtain work, find adequate living quarters, and care for their families. Many of those that have fled have lost their breadwinner and other loved ones, and must cope with overwhelming sorrow as they try to adjust to a new life.

Even outside of Iraq, their lives are often far from safe. Assassins from their home countries often search them down in their new countries, attempting to carry out the mandate of the mosques. One Christian woman that had fled to Amman, Jordan, told a Remember team how a would-be killer had been stopped at the border three times when he tried to come and kill them. This attacker wasn't just anyone; it was her brother.

This is reality for hundreds of Christians, scattered across the Middle East because of persecution in their homelands. Please keep them in your prayers.