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Remember Egypt

While tourists still flock to see the pyramids and other ancient wonders, modern Egyptian life is a far cry from that splendor. Millions of Egyptians live in abject poverty and in bondage to their religious beliefs.

Even in the midst of this darkness, God is raising up a people for Himself. The darkness will not simply let Christ's kingdom grow, though, and Egyptian Christians suffer intense persecution from the government and from their neighbors.

Pastor E was a minister in Cairo, where his work gained the attention of the local authorities. When he continued his work in the face of their oppressive demands, they arranged an "accident," using a taxi to take his life. Shortly before his death, his son had been attacked by fanatical Muslims and stabbed in the shoulder. He spent weeks in the hospital, recovering from a wound that could easily have been fatal.

These attacks, and the death of his father, have not stopped this young man from pursuing the ministry. His dream is to continue the legacy that his father left behind. His courageous action in continuing his father's work has won him the grudging allowance of the Egyptian authorities for his ministry, and while he lives in constant danger of persecution from fanatic neighbors, his ministry is growing.

Pastor E's widow has significant health problems. Remember has provided her with monthly support, enabling her to obtain the medications she needs to survive. As her son said, "We are very grateful for the brothers and sisters who contributed to meet our needs. It means a lot to us here in Without your support and the help of others, we would not be able to serve the Lord here, the way that we are serving Him right now."