Donate Supplies

In addition to sending direct financial support to the persecuted church, Remember often uses international trips to take supplies directly to the suffering Body of Christ. One such team just returned from southeast Asia, taking supplies as a part of a survey trip, and a medical team will be departing for the same region late next month.

Remember has compiled a list of the most commonly needed supplies for these trips. Unless otherwise noted, these are items that we pack and take with us to distribute to the needy Christians in places like Burma and Sudan. You might not only have access to these items, but may have extras that you do not need, but they can go a long way towards blessing the persecuted church! Please download our supply list and see how you can take simple action to bless the Body of Christ.

A few cautions are in order, of course. As you can see from the list, we are very careful about the items we take overseas. Many of the people that we minister to have been traumatized by violence and evil, and we do not want to take anything that would not be a complete blessing. For that reason, we ask that you avoid anything that could have the appearance of evil or an association with violence, including many aspects of popular culture, like "superheroes." Used items are just fine, though we ask that they be like new in condition.

If you have any questions, or have items that might be of use, please feel free to contact Remember. The telephone number is (843) 408-7848, or you can e-mail