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Remember Burma

Burma is a country best known for the depth of its sinful practices. It is a nation famous for its drugs, flagrant immorality, and government-sponsored violence. In 1988, the country was taken over by the military, and the result has been an oppressive Buddhist regime intent on stamping out Christianity.

Yet, in the midst of this open sin, God has raised up a people devoted to Him. Beginning with the mission work of Adoniram Judson in the 1800s, the Karen people-one of Burma's many ethnic minorities-have been steadfast in the truth of the gospel. Their faithfulness has been anything but easy.

The Karen now live in the jungles of western Burma, hiding from the army that would seek to kill all of those that refuse to convert to Buddhism. When the Burmese soldiers find a village, they will sack and burn it, killing and abusing men, women, and children who remain steadfast. The persecution is so intense that the Karen have taken to landmining their own villages simply to keep their oppressors out!

Despite this suffering, the Karen have dedicated themselves to the gospel. While they live in huts of stick and mud, without the benefits of running water or regular electricity, they spent a year and a half building a gorgeous church out of teak and mahogany. Even though they must, for their own safety, be ready to hide at any time, they are not willing to hide their faith.